Four important space events and the solar system

Sputnik 1

1957: The sputnik 1 was the first space satellite ever. It was made and launched by the soviet union (Now Russia) and was a 58 centimeter diameter polished metal sphere and had four external radio antennas to broad cast radio pulses. The launch of the sputnik 1 started the space race, a race between America and the Soviet Union (Now Russia).

Project Gemini

1965: The launching of rocket Gemini happened to achieve 4 goals; Test a astronauts ability to stay in space for long duration of time, understand how spacecraft could dock in orbit, to perfect landing, and to understand the affect of flight on astronauts. The rocket was launched by America.

Apollo project

The Apollo project had many goals some of which were:

1. landing on the moon

2.developing mans ability to stay in space

There were a series Apollos, the most popular being Apollo 11, when the first humans landed on the moon. The Apollo missions where all based on learning things in space, and was a project made by America.

Space stations

A space station is a station in space that study's things.The first American space station was called skylab, it was launched in 1973, and then the international space station was made and launched by Russia and America.

The sun

Miles from earth: 92,956,050 miles

Radius: 432,376 miles

State of matter: Gas

Moons/rings: 0

Revolution (year): None

Color: Orange and red

Rotation (Day): None

Temperature: 5,778 kelvin

Density: 1.4 g/cm3

Missions: None


Miles from earth: 0

Radius: 3,959 miles

State of matter: Solid

Moons/rings: 1

Revolution (year): 365 days

Color: Blue, green, white

Rotation (Day): 24 hours

Temperature: Average of 61 F

Density: 5.51 g/cm³

Missions: None


Miles from earth: 48,000,000

Radius: 1,516 miles

State of matter: Solid

Moons/rings: None

Revolution (year): 88 days

Color: Grey

Rotation (Day): 1407.5 hours

Temperature: 801 F

Density: 5.43 g/cm³

Missions: 3


Miles from earth: 140,000,000 miles

Radius: 2,106 miles

State of matter: Solid

Moons/rings: 2

Revolution (year): 687 Earth days

Color: Red and orange

Rotation (Day): 24.6 hours

Temperature: 70 degrees F

Density: 3.93 g/cm³

Missions: 51 to the planet and 13 to the moons


Miles from earth: Average 1,246,000,000 miles

Radius: 36,184 miles

State of matter: gas

Moons/rings: 62 moons and 7 ring groups made of millions of smaller rings

Revolution (year): 29.45 years

Color: Light brown

Rotation (Day): 10.656 hours

Temperature: -270 degrees F

Density: 687.00 kg/m³

Missions: None


Miles from earth: 1.6 billion miles

Radius: 15,759 miles

State of matter: gas

Moons/rings: 27 known moons and 13 rings

Revolution (year): 84 years

Color: Cyan

Rotation (Day): 17 hours 14 minutes

Temperature: -357 degrees F

Density: 1.27 g/cm³

Missions: 2


Miles from earth: 2.8 billion miles from the earth

Radius: 15,299 miles

State of matter: gas

Moons/rings: 13 known moons and 3 rings

Revolution (year): 164.79 years

Color: Very rich blue

Rotation (Day): 15 hours, 57 minutes

Temperature: 55 Kelvin

Density: 1.64 g/cm³

Missions: 1


Miles from earth: 162 million miles

Radius: 3,760 miles

State of matter: gas

Moons/rings: 0 known moons and 0 rings

Revolution (year): 225 days

Color: Brown

Rotation (Day): 243 Earth days

Temperature: 864 degrees F

Density: 5.24 g/cm³

Missions: 0


Miles from earth: 365 million miles

Radius: 43,441 miles

State of matter: gas

Moons/rings: 67 known moons and 3 rings

Revolution (year): 11.86 Earth years

Color: Brown

Rotation (Day): 9.9 hours

Temperature: -289 F

Density: 1.33 g/cm³

Missions: 0

Asteroid belt

Miles from earth: 3.2 Astronomical Units

State of matter: solid

Color: Brown, white, grey

Temperature: -100 degrees F.

Missions: 1

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