By Amelia Witmer-Rich

The Sacrifice for Growth

This illustrates both loss and growth at the same time; red poppies show growth and blood, tan-green stems show growth(green) and loss(tan). Red poppies also are a symbol of war, often worn on Memorial Day because their color looks like blood.

Helping the Survivors

I have never been in such an urgent situation before, but I would hope that I would try to help the survivors as much as possible. Since I am (vaguely) educated on anatomy and physiology from Science Olympiad, perhaps my medical knowledge would kick into play and I could work at some sort of makeshift hospital, helping as many people as I could. Bringing water and food to survivors, creating bandages, etc. would be my main objective.

Hiroshima Poem

Peace and the bustle of life

Happiness and contentedness

Then one day, shattered

Everything and everyone destroyed

Agony, pain, screaming

Bodies twisted and parts missing

Unrecognizable faces

Crying, shock, so many dead

Why did this have to happen?

America wanted to end war

Look what they have done

Destruction, cruelty

Order begins to emerge

Like a seed sprouting into a flower

But a deformed seed into a deformed flower

Scars will never go away

This video explains how pain is necessary for growth very nicely. Although it does not specifically talk about warfare and Hiroshima, it illustrates my general theme of how in order to grow, you need to make a sacrifice or have pain.

This song illustrates how there is a time for everything to happen, and it will cause growth in the long run. So in order to grow, you must make sacrifices, such as in Hiroshima. You must accept loss because it will pay off in the end.

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2 years ago

Nice job Amelia😄

2 years ago

Good job Amelia! I love your song it fits nicely with your theme!😄

2 years ago

I love your picture. It shows how something can be good but bad at the same time. Nice Job Amelia

2 years ago

Great job, love it!😀

2 years ago

I love it, Amelia! Very creative and well thought out. Your poem is my favorite part. While it is sad, it is really well written and brings out the emotion of Hiroshima. It really conveyed the suffering of the people. Excellent project! :)