The Life Of Adolf Hitler

by Macy Noel Forte

Introduction Of Adolf Hitler

He went into war,was blinded by poison gas,starved many survivors from war,and made lots of peoples lives miserable.You can probably guess who it is.His name was Adolf Hitler.I am going to tell you about his childhood,how he became infamous,and how how he died.So get ready because the ride is about to start.

     Hitler was born in 1889 in Braunua AM inn,Austria.His father Alois Hitler would abuse Adolf and his family.Especially his older brother.When Hitler was thirteen his older brother ran away.That year his father Alois died of old age.Four years later Hitler was refused admission to the general painting of fine arts in Vienna,Austria.Soon after his mother Klara dies of cancer.

On His Own Now

Now that Hitler had no parents to control and pamper him.Hitler decided to move from  Vienna to Munich,Germany in 1913.The next year World WarI starts and Hitler joins the Bavarian Army.For four years Hitler fights in the war then suddenly is blinded by poison gas.While in the hospital he learns of Germany's defeat.In two years Hitler joins the German workers party (DAP).Then becomes president of DAP.In 1923 Hitler carries out Munich Beer hall Putsch is arrested and sentenced to prison.He admitted that he and his officers had planned to overthrow the government.In 1924 HItler writes Mein Kampf while in prison.Seven years later Hitlers neice was found shot to death in Hitlers apartment.Some people blamed Hitler and others thought it was a suicide.In 1933 Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany on January 30.The nuremburg laws limit rights of the German Jews.Keeping them from stores,jobs,and hotels.

           In 1944 the d day invasion of Europe begins on June 6.Claus Von Stauffenburg and other officers fail at trying to assinate Hitler.The next year Aushwits the largest of the Nazi concentration camps is liberated on January 27 by the Russian army.Hitler makes his last appearence in public on April 20 and announces his marriage to Eva Braun.World War II is happening all around them and the day after Hitlers marriage he and his wife commit suicide in their underground bunker.Hitler with a bullet in his head and Eva braun poisoned.Hitler knew his leadership would be taken away from him and decided to take the cowardly way out.At their funeral people burned the bodies and buried the reamains.That was the life of Adolf Hitler.

Map of Germany

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