Monglians and Yuan Dynasty

Mongolian Dynasty: Founded in around 1200

The Mongolians were first roaming around in 1200. The most famous Emperor during this time would be Genghis Khan. All of his sons and grandsons, Guyuk Khan, Mongke Kan, were told to rule after he died. Unlike the dynasty's before them they had an elective government Monarchy. The capital were Avarga, Karakorum, and Dadu.  The Mongols were in no means nice. They were a power hungry dynasty and conquered lots of land. The Mongols also allowed the freedom of religion.

Yuan Dynasty: Created in 1260

The major leader of this dynasty was Kublai Khan. He was one of Genghis Kahn's decedents. The government of the Yuan was a Monarchy. They had major developments in art, math and medicine during this time. Physicians were better and advanced polynomial math algebra was created.

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