Could Hitler Happen Again??

Lee Potasinski was 12 when he was the Jew concentration camps & years before that he still was there. But now, in April and May of 1944, Allied armies were closing in from east and west. Lee was freed but unlike the rest of his family & 6 million other Jews it was too late for them they'd been killed by a man that had a strong grip of power, Adolf Hitler. It seemed to be the most saddest point in human history. For a far to long the Jews had been the continents victims. In 1933 when Hitler became Germany's president he lead on laws that were mainly against Jews he felt that it was the Jew's fault for Germany's loss in World War ll & their economic troubles. After a long year of fighting the Germans defeated Europe & launched their final solution to the Jewish question.That solution stated that all Jews were to be killed, all from old men to babies in their mothers'arms. That method was considered to be to slow so Germany built concentration camps where they would send the Jews to their death. Many people died from starvation or diseases. Some Allied soldiers broke down or cried when they saw the mass murder that had happen, piles of dead people like they were nothing, Adolf Hitler had no humanity. On April 30, 1945 Hitler committed suicide when he was surrounded. As a effect of the Holocaust the Untied Nations approved of a plan that the Jews would have a home land, after Israel was born in 1948 millions of Jews moved there.

Buildings being blown up
Starved Jews in concentration camps


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