Effective Factual Media

VOXX Magazine.

The style of Voxx magazine is effective towards the younger audience by the choice of font and the colourful page layouts. The choices of images are also effective because the image on the front page shows a female singer from the band 'The Saturdays' which  mainly has a younger fan base.

The front page of the article includes simple, straight to the point information of whats inside, to promote the magazine to the appropriate readers.

The first page of the article uses a friendly tone and informal language to welcome the readers, straight away the large text 'welcome' using a bold font draws your eyes towards the page and also shows the emphasis on the greeting . In the paragraph below the greeting a rhetorical question is used to connect with the audience right from the start. The welcome is set out within the form of a short and snappy letter. The ending of the letter "Victoria x' just states a name and the letter 'x' which promotes the uses of 'text talk' within the writing.

Page 3 of the article includes the content of the summer holidays, this shows a clear direct approach to attract younger readers, as the article mentions exams. Although the magazine is written using informal language, included in the magazine is a serious aspect of staying safe throughout the holidays and instructions on how to do so.

Although the magazine uses an informal font to connect with younger readers, i however find the font too over the top and too child like, which makes the magazine seem un professional.

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