Age of Exploration

By Precious Adigolo
Humanities and Language Arts
Mr Jeremy

This presentation is going to be about one of the explorers from the Age of Exploration. It will show the following:

  • Who the explorer is
  • Some info about the explorer
  • 3 log book entries from the captain (fiction) (this should help you so you can understand what life at sea was like)
  • Sources
  • Conclusion

The Explorer

Bartolomeu Dias

About the explorer

Bartolomeu Dias was a Portuguese explorer. He was born in 1457 and died in 1500. In 1487 Dias went on a voyage. His plan was to find a trading route to India. On his voyage he took 3 ships and also some men. The voyage lasted for about 16 months, so more than 1 year.

Voyage of the explorer

As I mentioned before Bartolomeu Dias' voyage lasted for more than 1 year. His voyage was from Lisbon to the southern tip of Africa (He sailed around the southern tip of Africa.) Here is a picture of the route that he took:

This voyage was from Lisboa (Lisbon) - Cabo Verde - Elmina - Cabo de Buena Esperanza - Rio Great Fish. Diaz actually wanted to go further to India but he was forced to go back because his men refused to go any further.

Captain's log book Entry #1

My name is Bartolomeu Dias, I am a Portuguese explorer on my way to the southern tip of Africa in search for a good trading route to India. At the moment right now I am on the ship with my men. Life at sea is not as easy as you would probably think it is. It is cold, smelly, and wet. It has been about 2 months since I left land. It has been a very stressful trip so far. There has been a few problems since we left land. The biggest problem is that we are running out of fresh water to drink, though I am sure we packed enough water before, but it seems to be that we did not pack enough for this voyage. All my men are also complaining about being thirsty and tired. Yes, we are running out of water and yes we are tired, but I will not give up. I am determined to get to the southern tip of Africa and I am determined to find a good trading route to India no matter what. I will not give up.

Captain's log book entry #2

Now it has been 6 Months since we left land and we completely ran out of fresh drinking water so we now have to drink the water from the sea. It tastes extremely salty and not refreshing at all. When I drink it, it gives me a very sick feeling inside my stomach but it is our only source of water for now. Our second problem that we noticed recently was that rodents were going into our food but we did not really do anything to it. We just shook all the rodents of the food and we still eat the food. I don't think it should do any harm to us so we should be just fine. My men were beginning to get reckless until we spotted land, but the land already belonged to others. They were foreigners, they offered us food. They seemed to be very nice people, they were very tall, and very handsome. We took some food and continued on our journey. Even though we have a new supply of food we still do not have fresh water to drink, so at the moment we are still drinking from the sea. My men are seriously complaining that they want to turn back and go home but I refuse to go back. I know that I will get to Africa's southern tip and I am positive that I am going to find a trading route to India.

Captain's log book entry #3

In the last 2 entries that I wrote I said that no matter what I will not give up on getting to the southern tip of Africa. Well, all of that work might just pay of because according to my calculations that I have made, we should arrive at the southern tip of Africa soon. I told my men and they were so excited because we might actually be able to reach our goals and we may actually find a trading route to India. I always knew that if I continued to stay patient and stay positive, I would be able to find our destination and now I am so close to getting to where I want to go. As long as I continue to keep my crew in a good mood we should be just fine. Though I have not told them yet, but I am planning on going to Further to India so that I can actually get to meet the Indians and also get some more good supplies from them so maybe I might be able to persuade my to stay with me so we can explore more.


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That concludes this presentation, I hope that now you know a little bit about how life at sea was, and how it was not very easy.

Thank you.

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