Zulu Tribe

For starters, the Zulu people are more of an Ethnic group in South Africa rather than a tribe, but their traditions and culture are still alive just the same. Located in South Africa, their economy isn't tribal driven, but rather it is in stride with the nationally economy of South Africa because the majority of people there are Zulu. A big part of Zulu art is woodcarving, this includes headdresses and masks more more commonly figurines and such. The women are the ones that keep Zulu tradition alive, the men go away to work in cities and leave their wives home to raise the kids and keep tradition. Music is a way to keep tradition alive and to keep their ancestors' spirits with them, a main instrument used is the drum. In terms of Rite of passage the only one that is still strong today is when the females hit puberty, they are eligible to write letters of interest to men, if the man feel sthe same then the two families discuss marriage. Religiously, the Zulu people were exposed to Christianity by the Europeans so a majority of the people there practice that, they keep in touch with God through prayer but they also tell  stories to keep their ancestors spirits with them, sort of mixing the old and the new. Their creation story is that the creator send a Chameleon to give his people eternal life, but on the route the chameleon stopped by many flowery bushes to look and adore, this angered the creator and he sent a lizard who was speedy to take away the eternal life he was originally going to give them. When the chameleon finally arrived it was too late, the lizard had already sentenced the people to their fate, thus in Zulu tradition it is seen as a blessing from the creator to live to old age. Zulu proverbs include "The burning stick has returned with the firemaker stuck to the firemaker" "You are sharp on one side like a knife" "The cow licks the one that licks her" and "the honey will end".

My Tribe

My tribe would be called Maxico. It would be located in central Africa and the economy would be tourism, we could show people the rain forests and what it's like to live there and such. We would practice tribal Tattooing, our only Rite of passage is when you are ready to become a man or woman you must get the tattoo of your family, showing all who you are. Our art would be masks that would allow us to connect with our spirits but also wear into battle to allow the spirits to guide us, so they'd be more like helmets I suppose. We'd drum and dance to the rhythm to connect to the spirits surrounding us. We would worship the trees and the spirits residing within them, our drummers would drum with drums made out of the best trees which hold the most powerful spirits, allowing us to connect with them the best we could. Our creation story would be that the creator created our tribe to allow us to worship the tree spirits properly because those who were before us weren't good enough at it. Our proverbs would be, "Wisdom is wealth" "to get lost is to learn the way" "War has no eyes" "Unity is strength, division is weakness".