Helen Keller
by: Jimena Botella

This is Helen Keller

Why Heler Keller is famous

Helen Keller is famous because even though she was blind and deaf she overcame her difficulties and was able to speak, read in Braille, and write. Helen was born as a normal person, but when she was sick she lost her eyesight and hearing. When she was seven, Annie Sullivan came to teach her. Without Annie, Helen would have never learned how dto do all that stuff.

Helen Keller became really inspiring for a lot of people. She was inspiring because she gave many speeches. Those speeches were about things that she thought were wrong like keeping women from having the right to vote and equality for all people. They are also amazed because she wrote the speeches even though she was blind.

This is the picture book

    Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscambia, Alabama. Her parents were Katherine and Arthur Keller. When she was only nineteen months old, she got sick. It caused her to lose her hearing and eyesight. As she grew up ,she discovered a way to tell when she needed her mother or father by using hand signals. However, she still was frustrated. She was acting like a toddler. When Helen was almost seven, her parents asked Annie Sullivan to teach her. Annie was legally blind, but she could see again after operations. Annie taught Helen what water is, the warmth of the sun, to smell violets, how to write, read people's lips with her fingers, and table manners. She went to college with Annie spelling every word that the teacher said in Helen's hand. After college Helen gave speeches about things she thought were important. For example, she spoke about women's right to vote, and equality for all people. She appeared in theaters to talk about her life. She didn't enjoy it, but she needed the money. She spoke with government about people with disabilities and how they deserve a chance in life. After forty-nineyears Annie Sullivan died and Helen was alone. She received help from Polly Thomson. Then Helen Keller died in June 1, 1968.

Helen Keller's house

    Helen Keller was born as a normal kid on June 27, 1880 in Tuscambia, Alabama. Her parents were Katherine and Arthur Keller. Helen Keller also had two older stepbrothers. When she was only nineteen months she got sick and lost her hearing and eyesight. As she grew up, she tried to make signs like, for example when she needed her dad she would act like she had glasses doing the glasses with her hands. She was really frustrated because she just didn't understood what was going on. She was acting like a toddler. When she was seven her parent had Annie Sullivan help Helen understand more things about life, like table manners, what a doll was, and what water was. When Helen touched the water she realized what Annie was trying to teach her all this time. From then on she learned everything really fast. Her childhood was hard, but she didn't give up.

Helen Keller was born in Tuscambia Alabama, United States of America.

   This picture shows Helen's college class. She is sitting in the left, holding Annie's hand. Helen was thirteen when she moved to New York with Annie. A few years later she went to college there. Annie also went to college with Helen. Annie spelled in Helen's palm every word that the teacher said. Annie also spelled in Helen's palm the books and assignments that the teacher said to read. Helen was the first woman blind and deaf to ever graduate from college.

The movie is called the Miracle Worker.

Career, successes,and challenges of Helen Keller

Helen Keller had a career just like a normal person. Helen Keller actually had more than one career, she had three. One of the careers that she had was acting. She did not enjoy this career, but she needed the money. She didn't really act, she actually told the story of her life to a crowd of people in a theater. Her second career was writing. Writing was probably her strongest career. She started writing when she was little but her first published book was called The Story of My Life, this book still publishes today. Her third career was writing speeches for her to share with the world. She wrote speeches about things she thought were wrong in the world, or could be fixed. Examples of what she said in the speeches are women right to vote, equality for all people, and more. Helen was really successful in all the things she did because people were so amazed by how well she wrote being blind and deaf. Her speeches were really inspiring to a lot of people. Most of the deaf and blind people at the time thought that being disabled was a big problem, not Helen Keller. Helen Keller overcame her challenges and because what she wanted to be: a writer.

Three interesting facts about Helen Keller

  • Helen Keller loved dogs. The first Akita dog in the United States was sent to Helen from Japan.
  • After Annie died Helen Keller receive help from Polly Thomson.
  • Helen Keller visited 39 countries around the world before she died.

Quote- "We do not think with eyes and ears, capacity for thought is not measured by five senses."-Helen Keller

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