The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

Maurice Reyes

before being the Gardener, I thought the book was going to be about a boy looking for his father.

Evolution is a process of formation or growth. In The Gardener, evolution is important because they talk about evolving people for they wont have to eat.

Autotroph are self-feeders. Autotrophs are important in the gardener because they are making people in to autotrophs.

photosynthesis is when plants make there own food. photosynthesis is important in the gardener because they want to make people to make there own food.

a heterotroph is an organism that can not make its own food. in the gardener, they talk about heterotrophs because humans are heterotroph and they want to change that.

Why does his mother keep secrets?

she keeps secrets from him to protected him, and to keep him away from trodyn.

Is the gardener his father?

The Gardener is masons father.

Karner Blue

The Karner Blue is a butterfly that lives in Lupines and its is going extinct.

The Karner Blue is important in the gardener because they are going extincted and so are we.

                          7 Generation

Climate change can affect the food crisis, it can effect the food on how it grows and when it grows.

dear future generations is how the world is changing, and how we are destroying it and making it worse. Prince E.A. talk about how the Amazon is going to be deserter because we are cutting down all the trees to make money. He also talks about in some places people have to wear face mask because of all the pollution. He talks about that there is not going to be a lot left  for the future generations.

In both the gardener by S.A. Bodeen and Dear future generations: sorry by Prince E.A. the author discuss the seven generations in Sorry he also talks about the seven generations. In Sorry he talks about how we are destroying the world and that if we keep on doing what we do that we are going to run out of resources and there is not going to be anything left for the future generations.

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