How To Make A Budget

Marc Bertolino

"How To Make Your Budget To Monitor and Improve Spending"

      1.  Make a list of everything your spend for a couple of weeks....  (Why a couple of weeks)-- Answer~ Some weeks are always better than others, so accurate budgets need more than 1 week.

      2.  For the same time period you record your spending, also record everything you earn and its source.

      3.  Now that you have recorded all your income and expenses, analyze it.  (Conclude what habits you have adapted to and learn how to improve the way your account flows)

      4.  It is a good idea to have a little extra for hard times.  (Why?)-- Answer~ Saving money is always a good idea to back you up when you have a hard week of bills or maybe a loss of a job

      5.  Now that you have completed the 4 main steps. monitor your spending.  How are you spending your money?  How can i learn to improve saving?  Etc......


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