R U 2 Plugged In

By: Bri and Jur

Are you too plugged in?

How many hours do you spend watching tv, watching youtube videos, or playing on your gaming system? A recent poll in 2013 stated that at least 75% of kids have some sort of technology. It also stated that the average kid spends 4-5 hours in front of a screen. Are you one of those kids?

I know for a fact that TV and other technological items can be very useful and very helpful. but there are a lot of games and other things that aren't so useful such as sponge bob. But as I've said, there are very many uses for this technology such as writing a book report or researching a historical figure for school purposes.  This generation has a lot of technology and that has many adults worrying.

Adults in this generation worry about how much time kids are spending on the computer and tv these days so they have come up with this thing called screen free week to engage kids to go outside and play and interact with one another instead of being in front of a screen.

Screen free week was originally meant just for kids to stop watching tv.
Researchers found that most kids won't do their homework without using a screen
Too much screen time can result in trouble sleeping and lower grades.
Stop being to plugged in and get moving.