Hermes looks like that
  • 1- Who was he? Who were his parents? Hermes was the god of Shepherds, travelers, merchants and all other who lived by their wits. His parents were Zeus and Maia, a titan`s daughter who lived in a cave so deep that Hera never knew that Maia was Zeus´s wives.
  • 2- What did Hermes do to Apollo? What Hermes did to Apollo was that he stole his cow when he didn’t notice.
  • 3- What happened when Apollo realized his cows got stolen by Hermes? What happened was that Apollo started chasing Hermes and Zeus was listening.
  • 4- After Hermes became an Olympian god, what did he look like? Describe him.  After Hermes became an Olympian he wore a wide-brimmed hat called “Petasos” and sandals called “pedilla” that made him faster than ant human.

I took this information from YouTube site.

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