Top 5 best Universities for Foreign Students

# 1 USA. Harvard University

This university has the strictest selection criteria and very high competition. You must not only finish your school perfectly, but at least two years of study in American school and show amazing results to join Harvard.

8 USA’s presidents and 49 Nobel Prize winners, as well as businessmen, politicians and leaders of Sciences were the graduators of Harvard University.

# 2 London. London School of Economics

75% of foreign students study in London School of Economics. The traditional policy of student exchange from universities around the world is conducted here. The year course of language training is open for foreign students. There are three ways to enter the university: complete A-sorbonneLevel, complete international baccalaureate program (IB) or unlearn the course for foreign students training in UK universities (Foundation). The pride of the school is the British Library of Economics and Political Science. There are more than five million different publications on economics in its collection.

# 3 France. Sorbonne

One of advantages of the Sorbonne is a democratic environment and a flexible schedule that allows students to combine education and work. Economics and Law are the most popular specialties here. You must enter the university in your country successfully and study for a few years in order to enter the Sorbonne. There are some required documents for entering: a letter from university indicating the specialty, passed subjects, grades and number of hours in French. Applicants can apply before 31 January of current year.

# 4 Germany. Heidelberg University

Currently, Heidelberg University provides education for more than 25 thousand students. Foreigners make up 15%. One of the main facilities for tourists is Student lock-up. Students are put there for bad behavior.

You are required not only knowledge of the German language, but also confirmation of proficiency in order to enter this educational institution. Foreign students study on equal terms with the citizens of Germany; it means that education in public universities for them is free of charge.

# 5 Japan. Tokyo University

Students are studding for 6 years in the Land of the Rising Sun. At first all the students at Tokyo University pass an introductory course on special subjects and two years studying the natural and human sciences, and then continue their studies in the chosen specialty. There are eleven departments, educational process is in Japanese. The cost of education in the oldest university in Japan is around $ 10,000.

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