Create An Alien

Alien Name: Jessie

Alien Age:  10 years old on Mercury and 12 years old on Earth

Planet of origin: Mercury

Basic Facts

  • Jessie is classified as a grey alien, because grey aliens are commonly found in Roswell, New Mexico, where most grey aliens crash.
  • The U.S government was spotted retrieving the aircraft and the alien bodies.
  • There are accusations they are being held by the U.S government at the secret military aircraft testing ground known as Area 51.
  • Grey alien are often described by eyewitnesses as slender with large heads, and black eyes.
  • They have small mouths as well as noses with lizard-like nostrils.

Planet for Jessie

I pick Mercury because Mercury has a greek god named Hermes. Mercury orbits around the sun in 87,969 days. One rotation for Mercury takes 58.6461 days. The mass from Mercury and Earth is 5% and the volume from Mercury and Earth is 5%. The distance from Mercury to the Sun is 57 million kilometers as in 36 million miles. The highest temperature is 465 degrees celsius and 870 degrees fahrenheit. The lowest temperature is -184 degrees celsius and -300 degrees fahrenheit.

Where I Meet the Alien

Well, I don't meet a alien before, but I can imagine it. I will say"I will meet the alien at the lake of Greensboro." I imagine that the lake is close to my grandma's house because my family have to go to our cousin's house and I saw a lake there. That lake is the important I seen but, not really because I never met a alien. This alien look like duck for me because the hands look like the wing and the feet looks like the alien is waddling and on the lake.