Welcome To Gabon

By : Feliciti M.

Gabon's Map and Flag.

Gabon Clothing

Clothes that people wear in Gabon are western-style clothing. Casual outfits are rich in African colors. Woman wear dresses and skirts that have embroidery. Men wear jeans and t-shirts.

Holiday Traditions and Activities

On August 17th every year people in Gabon always celebrate in the town square called the "Place de l'Ind├ępendence". They hang up their flag and dance and have a celebration about their independence from the French.

Government Country Background/History

Gabon's economy is mainly over oil. Gabon is member of the African Union. The U.S established a relation with Gabon in 1960.


There are 45 local languages. Some of them are Fang, Punu, Nzebi, Myene, and Obambe/Teke. French is another common language.

Religion And Beliefs

The religions of Gabon are Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam,and Animism. 75% of Gabonese believe themselves as Roman Catholicism. People in Gabon believe in witchcraft.

Education and School

Gabon offers free education. Many villages don't have schools. Some children have to walk long distances or move in order to go to school.

Tourist Interest

People can fish in the Noya River. People can go to the La Lopez national park.People can also go on hilltops.

These are sceneries from Gabon. They are beautiful sites to see.

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