The leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement.


           Phoenix Jones (center) is the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement. He dresses up along with 9 other men and women and goes out and fights crime. He dresses up like a superhero so he helps create a role model.

             He started this organization because his car was broken into and his son was hurt in the process. People didn't help at all. They just stood there and watched. His friend was also attacked and  people watched him get beat up. So he took a ski mask that he took from the burglars from the car jack and wore it to conceal his identity. Jones beat the assailant until the police arrived. This is the start of Phoenix Jones.

heroic actions

  • January 2nd 2011- Chases away car thief.
  • September 24th 2011- Saved a bus load of kids from a person who was trying to steal the bus
  • October 29th 2011- broke up a fight between 2 nightclub customers
  • November 27th 2011-Jones and partners stopped a man after he stabbed another man
  • May 1st-2nd 2012- revealed a plot to blow up the city court house


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