Monday Message - Week of Jan. 12, 2015

A Look at the Week Ahead:

Monday, Jan. 12th : Several ARD's are scheduled throughout the day today.

Tuesday, Jan. 13th :  Both Traci and I will be off campus at trainings in the morning. Traci should be back on campus about 10:00 should you need assistance.  

3:00 - Baby shower for Brittany and Whitney in the library!

Wednesday, Jan. 14th : A couple of ARD's (morning) are scheduled today.

3:15 - STAAR ALT Training in room 411

Thursday, Jan. 15th : 8:15 - Geography Bee - 4th & 5th grade/Cafeteria

Traci and I have an after school meeting off campus; therefore, the GLL meeting will be rescheduled.

Friday, Jan. 16th : School-wide Pajama Day - $1 to wear pajamas : Money goes toward purchasing a "Buddy Bench" for the playground. Read more about the Buddy Bench here.

12:30 - Early Release for students


Allie Faulkner - January 11
MJ Brigance - January 16

A Few Reminders....

  1. Traci sent out a reminder email about having your class website up and running, in addition to keeping it updated. This is an expectation for everyone. If you need assistance, I believe Traci offered some options in the email she sent. Just to clarify....your website does not take the place of your newsletter that should be going home to parents either via email or Monday Message folder. You can by all means post your newsletter on your website, but it should be communicated to parents by one of the other ways I just mentioned as well.
  2. Check out The Great LISD Twitter Challenge here! Now that many more of you are on Twitter thanks to the OSE Twitter Challenge, this should be a piece of cake! Let's all participate and see if we can get OSE on the "#GREATLISD TWITTER CHALLENGE: WALL OF FAME!"

This is all I have - If I have left anything out or made a mistake (like I did last week - sorry Becky!), please don't hesitate to let me know. Have a wonderful week!