Global Warming

By: Tucker Gamble

As this chart shows Global Warming is a serious and very much real issue.  Global Warming is affecting the way you and I live our everyday lives.  Global Warming is happening partly because of Earth's natural process, but mainly human input.  The Earth would eventually heat up at some points and stay that way, but humans are speeding up that process by creating an abundance of Greenhouse Gasses, these are gasses that get caught in Earth's atmosphere and trap heat from the sun, in turn this heats up the surface of Earth.  There is also the dissolution of the Ozone Layer, the layer that protects Earth from the suns harmful rays of radiation.  Both of these problems can be linked back to the over usage of Fossil Fuels, things like oil that where created and conserved millions of years ago and we are now burning to create energy.

My standpoint

I think Global Warming is a serious issue.  The data is stacked in favor of Global Warming harming more than just ecosystems and wild animals, it will start to affects the way WE live our everyday lives.

This is a "Melt Pond" in the Antartic

A "Melt Pond" is a direct result of Global warming because this is the melting of ice in the Antarctic that has been frozen for thousands of years.

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