ball to Ibaka Ibaka no

  • Durant cents Under no circumstances ready, close to a small Gasol defensive back throwing the ball into the net miraculously rinse,adidas stan smith trainers uk referee whistle, Durant completed a record miraculous "3 + 1", which is Thunder home is enough to make a ball of boiling! 98:97, Thunder only one point behind the Grizzlies. Pause came back, the Grizzlies sideline ball, Conley quickly after the ball was foul thunder, but the free throw line, made two free throws Conley, mens adidas toe touch leaving the Thunder lifeline again.Thunder's offensive left time only 12 seconds

the Thunder do not suspend direct attack, Wei little dribble the ball to the front court and give Durant, Durant face double-team the ball to Ibaka Ibaka no blind shots but a ball to come to assist small Wei, Wei less time seeing enough hasty shot from beyond the arc, playing   adidas climacool boat lace shoes uk basket ball again, only this time, the Thunder center Perkins leaping close Under the offensive rebounds, the count clock sounded before the ball into the basket, 99: 99


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