Reading Assignment

After completing your assigned reading, choose ONE of the following to complete and turn in.  1/2 page minimum.

Summary poem: List 10 key words from the assigned text, do a free verse poem with the words you chose, then write a summary of the reading based on the words you highlighted.

Invent a Quiz: Write 10 higher-order text questions related to the content. Pick 2 and answer them in half a page.

Opinion Chart: List opinions about the content in one half of a T-chart, and support your opinions in the right column.

So What? Journal: Identify the main idea of the reading. Why is it important?

Explaining: Explain the main idea using an analogy.

Compare & Contrast: Identify the theory or idea the author is advancing. Then identify an opposite theory. What are the similarities and differences between these ideas?

Sketchnote: Create a sketchnote of the key ideas.

Mindmap: Create a mind map that represents the concepts.

K-W-L Chart:  What do you know, what do you want to know, and what have you learned?

Double-entry: Create a 2-column table. Use the left column to write down 3 important quotations. Use the right column to record reactions to the quotations.

Comic Book: Use a comic book creation tool like Bitstrips to represent understanding.

Humor Top 10: What are the top 5 most important takeaways, written with humor?