1. I made the theme my own by taking an old plant that I had at my house and using that for my photo. I took it out of the pot and angled it up so the dirt was in focus but you can still see part of the plant at the very top.

2. I like how the photo is angled, I tried to make it look more interesting by taking the photo from below and trying to remember the rule of thirds. I also like how you can really see the details of the dirt my logo at the top!

3. I don't know if I would change anything of this photo but I could of maybe tried more things to see how I could of edited it different.

4. I ran Ashley's Clean Actions to clean up the photo and the I used PWActions, which is what I mainly used for this photo. I used the boost action to enhance the features and then I used B&W Beauty and define and sharpen.

5. I liked my photo this week because it was something different then what a lot of other people did by just taking a picture of the ground, but I also like Allison's too because of the angles.