The Koryo Dynasty

Restored metal movable type from the Goryeo era.

The Koryo or Goryeo dynasty was based of the word Korea, and they ruled for a relatively long period of time. They adopted many Chinese ideas but they also worked to separate their Korean traditions from those of the Chinese. One example of this is the civil service system that the Chinese used to test people to become government officials. The Koreans used the same principles, except they only allowed nobles to take the test. This caused a distinct separation between the common people and the nobles. In addition, the Koryo appreciated art in their culture, and one of their most famous types was celadon pottery. They adopted Confucianism, Chinese writing, political institutions, agricultural methods, and even Buddhism from the Chinese as well.

Porcelaneous pottery bowl with a celadon glaze. 13th-14th century. Artist Unknown (Korean)(Korea, Asia)

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