Herbert Hoover

By: Kaylynn Morson
5th hour English 11

Who he is?

Herbert Clark Hoover was the 31st president of the United States. He was born to a Quaker family. He was born August 10th 1874 in West Branch Iowa and died October 20th 1964 in New York New York. Herbert had two siblings one sister and one brother. His parents passed away when he was 9 years old. He was raised in Oregon by his maternal aunt and uncle. Graduated from Stanford University. Married Lou Henry Hoover and had two sons Herbert Clark Hoover Jr and Allan Henry Hoover.  

What he did

During his young age he attended the newly established Stanford University in which just passed the entrance exam. He also started a student laundry service while he worked in the registration office as a clerk to pay for his tuition. In 1895 after Hoover graduated he worked hard to find a job as a surveyor. He ended up being in a gold mine for nearly 70 hours a week pushing ore carts in 1897. Then he moved to Australia where he inspected and evaluated mines for the potential purchase. In 1899 he moved to China and worked as an engineer until 1902.He became a giant in his field and traveled all over the world and by 1908 he owned his own mining consultant business. Hoover was financial secure by 1914. He moved back with his wife Lou to America in 1917. In 1917 president Woodrow Wilson asked Hoover to run the US food administration as he performed well.

Where did he get inaugerated

In Washington during his inauguration their were crowds of people lined up to see Hoover.  Before his speech it had been raining. By the time Hoover ended his address he was soaked. They had gotten almost an inch of rain and it was only 48 degrees.

When did he get elected?

Herbert Clark Hoover was elected president in 1928 on March 4th at the age 53. He went against Al Smith. He carried 40 states and won 444 to 87. There also was a Great Depression struck during his presidency.

Why did he get elected?

People were aware of his humanitarian efforts he previously supported and thought he would also be able to lower taxes and expand the public works spending. He was also known as the potential  presidential candidate before the election happened. However with the Great Depression it backfired on him and he received a lot of the blame.He lost the 1932 election to Franklin D, Roosevelt.

How did he get elected?

He got elected because a lot of people liked him. He was a business man and everyone respected him back in the day because the stock market was booming. He was one of the only presidents that got elected without having electoral experience or high military rank.