Travel Team

By: Mike Lupica
Book Report: Lane Huebert


Danny thought being short made his life worse but it turned out making it a whole lot better. Danny Walker is a 12 year old boy who loves to play basketball. He has one problem though he is very, very short. Although he is the fastest and the best passer in the town of Middletown, he still failed to make the travel team, and the coach said he was just too short. Danny and his Dad, Richie Walker who used to be in the NBA weren't very happy. The Travel Team coaches son Ty, the best player in the town of Middletown was mad that Danny didn't make the team because he knew he was better than most of the Kids that actually made the team. Tess, Danny's best friend that a girl and him went to the fair and she brought him to the basketball courts where Danny and Ty met up and played and they won all three games they played. Richie Walker watched them play and realized that they should be playing together, so he went and talked to the coach and told him about what happened and he said he was still to short. Danny wasn't going to play basketball this season until his dad told him that he was going to get a team together for all the kids who didn't make the team. Once they had there first practice they realized that there team wasn't going to be very good. They had a scrimmage against the Travel team that Danny didn't make, and Danny was getting frustrated and he shoved one of there players to the ground and Ty tripped over him and broke a bone in his hand. Its the 3rd game of the season and they finally won one and then they went to celebrate. Richie never showed up though, then he called and said he got in another car wreck. Danny went the next day to make sure he was ok, and he was. They didn't have a coach and they decided they didn't need one all they needed was Danny to coach them. Now they play Kirkland and they were getting creamed until Ty showed up and told them how to beat them. It helped because it got them very close and Danny hits game-winning layup and they won. They play the other Middletown team in the first round of the playoffs and during the warm-ups Richie Walker showed up and everyone cheered for him. Once Danny put Ty in, the Ty dad who happened to be the coach went to Richie Walker shook his hand and sat next to him. As the game went on Teddy, for the Viking realized that Danny had hurt his shoulder and shoved him to the ground then kicked his arm. Danny was in pain but got through it, and made the two free throws and then got an assist on a game-winning layup by Ty. There team kept on going through the basketball tournament and ended making it to the championship.

What did you enjoy about the book

I like the basketball part of it, because it connected to me

What character played important role that relate to overall theme?

Danny and Ty  because they became really good friends and basketball friends and they helped connect the whole theme

Was ending satisfactory?

Yes, it ended the way everybody who reads this book would want it to end

Could you realize any reoccurring symbols? What were they?

The double crossover which he was trying to perfect but never could even in his yard he couldn't get it until the last game he perfected it in the last possession of the season

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