By: Jeniyah Smith

Basic Facts

The population is 14,373,472.

The capital is Guatemala City.

Thier religions are Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Indigenous Mayan beliefs.

Their languages are 60% Spanish and 40% American.

Thier president is Otto Pérez.

Thier national name is República de Guatemala.

Guatemala is the size of Tennessee. Its neighbors are Mexico on the north and west, and Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador on the east.

Their government is Constitutional democratic republic.

Their currency is Guatemalan quetzel.

Guatemalan people


Once the site of the impressive ancient Mayan civilization, Guatemala was conquered by a Spanish conquistador Pedro de Alvarado in 1524 and became a republic in 1839 after the United Provinces of Central America collapsed.

Guatemala City

Places to Visit

​Temple of the Masks in the Maya city of Tikal.

This is an old Mayan temple made out of limestone. People still walk up these stairs today. You may have also seen this temple in the game Temple Run.

Parque Central is the heart of Quetzaltenango.

This is the center of many great sights. Most people start their journey here to see all the other sights. The other sights are located all around here.

Chichicastenango Market.

They most popular days to sell things would be Thursdays and Sundays. It is a poor town with a lot of heart. This is the main market for the small town.


The rainforest is mostly made up of Mayan Ruins. It is one of the biggest rainforest in Guatemala.

Antigua Guatemala.


  • quiubo – (que hubo? – what was there?) a form of greeting, like ‘what’s up ?’
  • qué arrecho que es! – how brave / bold he is!
  • ¡qué chulo! – how pretty!
Guatemalan Architecture.

Food and Drink

Today most of the food that they eat are from Mayan Culture.

There is a lot of changes, now they also eat chinese, American, and vegiterian diet food. Corn, beans, rice, cheese and tortillas are what almost all of their foods are based off of.

Atol blanco is one of the most emblematic drinks in Guatemala.

They love Holiday Mixed drinks. Also they like to drink Carpirina and hot cocoa.


There are volcanoes, beaches, mountains, and jungles. There are many Mayan ruins that are spread our through all of this geography.

Mountains in Guatemala

Traditional Dance

Most of the people that preform these dances are people who want to keep the history and myths of the Mayans to keep on going. They also have welcome dances and folk dances. All of these dances have thier own unique meaning. Most of them tell stories with music in the background played with wooden instruments to show the mood of the story. Also most of the time they have kids preform to show them the right way to do the dances and to practice so they can show their kids when they have kids so the dances will go from generation to generation.

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