Come To The Southern Colonies!

The Best Colonies Since 1607

                                                                By: Abbie Bavuso

                                                      (With some really bad puns)

Our Location Choices

The Southern Colonies include many awesome places to settle.  You can choose from 5 different places, which are Georgia, The Carolina sisters, Virginia, and Maryland.  What wonderful places!

Our Climate

Our climate is nice and warm, and we have the longest growing season!

Our Agriculture

Our agriculture is awesome! If you want to own a farm here, you won't have any problems with starting it!  Our soil is very rich, just like you will be when you start to grow crops!  Our most-known crops that we grow are rice, tobacco and cotton.

Our Industry

We ship tobacco, cotton, rice, timber, and naval supplies.  We also ship our goods to other countries.  As you can sea, our industry is shrimply amazing!

Make sure to move to the Southern Colonies!  We'd love to have you here!

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