bravery photo

In our class we learnt about values,digital editing and creating an online portfolio. We used https://pixlr.com

I picked this pic because it appealed to me because I once was scared of heights and so I thought how she would feel and knew that she was being brave.

edited photo

I changed the colour effect because I liked the look of it! and I also used dark cloud effect to make it look a bit scarier.

like if you've ever been brave!

original photo

this photois about a man showing bravery by fighting for his country in the armies, I picked this photo because I think that is such a dangerous but nice thing to do.

edited photo

I used a smoky effect and fire around them to make it look painful and that it hurts inside and for people to know what it feels like to face your fears.

normal photo

I chose this photo because its actually using three of our values (teamwork , safety and bravery)

edited photo

my message to you is that I used a tilt a bit to the right and a shine that goes out from the middle and I chose that because it lights up the photo.

my original photo

this photo I chose is about two fire men trying to put out a fire. I chose this photo because I really liked it.

edited photo

On my edited photo I used a brighter effect on my photo, a dark boarder and a clearance in the middle to show what the photo was about.

my collage

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