Steps involved in fabric production

1.Fibers are usually twisted together and spun into yarns.
2.Yarns are either woven or knitted to form fabric.
3.Color is added by dyeing or printing to enhance the fabric’s appeal.
4.A finish is applied to make the fabric suitable for its end use and to improve its appearance.

Knitting and Weaving

-Weaving: The process of interlacing one or more sets of yarns at right angles on a loom.

  • Plain weave: The simplest weave in which the weft (crosswise) yarn is passed over then under each warp (lengthwise) yarn.
  • •Satin weave: A weave that produces a smooth, shiny-surfaced fabric resulting from passing the weft yarn over and under numerous warp yarns to create long floats.
  • -Knitting- Constructing fabric by looping yarns together.

  • Weft knits: Knits made with only one yarn that runs crosswise forming a horizontal row of interlocking loops.
  • Warp knits: Knits made with several yarns creating loops that interlock in the lengthwise direction.

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