Dr. Seuss

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

I Believe

I believe in the power of a pen pressed against paper,

the self-expression that comes with writing,

the numerous amounts of stories told,

the victory you feel after you finish reading an amazing book,

the imagination, the inspiration, the endless amount of possibilities,

But to attack, to undermine, and to judge is wrong.

I believe in expressing yourself,

I believe in making your story known,

I believe in sharing lessons with others,

empathy, gratitude, acceptance,

And I believe in the everlasting power to move mountains that comes with a few words.

My Personal Credo

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” These are extremely important words to live by. To me, this quote means to be yourself, no matter what happens. If someone doesn’t like you for you, then they don’t matter. You shouldn’t change yourself for anyone or anything. Just be you, because that’s the most important thing that you can do.

This quote came from Dr. Seuss. I heard these words a few years ago, and ever since then, I have tried to live by them. I have heard people tell others in the past that they are not good enough, and that they should change themselves in order to be accepted. I never want to become a person who is nothing but judgmental and who constantly picks people apart. I want to be accepting, just as I want people to accept me. This is exactly why when I heard this quote, I began to love it and I chose to live by it.

It is important to follow this credo and to live by these beliefs. You should never lose yourself, and you should never try to change yourself for anyone. If we let ourselves be manipulated and changed to be accepted, then we can’t live freely. We will live in constant fear of judgement and rejection. We can’t truly be content with our lives if we don’t accept ourselves for who we are. I hope that others will always listen to these words, no matter what happens in the future.

As I grow older, I know that I will have events in my life that will reshape how I live it. I want to always live by these words, but they could certainly evolve into something new. I see this credo becoming something even more meaningful in the future. I will most likely go through things that will make this quote more genuine to me. Going through loss, pain, or even having joyful experiences that relate to this quote could change its meaning for me. I believe that in the future, living by this credo will help me to be more cheerful and content.

We have all gone through times when we thought we weren’t good enough, and when we felt unsatisfied with our lives. We have worried about changing our appearance, our personality, or our beliefs. These times have made this credo significant to me. When I worry about what people think of me, or about whether or not I’m good enough, I look at this quote and remember that I don’t have to change for anyone. I am myself, and no one can change that. I would want others to look at these words and think the same thing. I want others to follow this credo so that they know they are great just the way they are. If they lived by these words, then they would be more cheerful and optimistic. It’s important to be content with who we are, because in the end, no one can change us.

By Courtney Smith

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