Catcher in the Rye Reading Log
Ashley Dela Cruz

Chapters 1 & 2

When talking about his behavior, Holden says, "Sometimes I act a lot older than I am -- I really do -- but people never notice it" (Salinger 13).

Chapters 3 &4

"I pulled the peak of my hunting hat around to the front all of a sudden, for a change.  I was getting sort of nervous, all of a sudden.  I'm quite a nervous guy" (Salinger 44).

Holden is watching Stradlater get ready for his date with Jane and during this time you can see that he is nervous.  He uses the hat to kind of mask what he is feeling, in this case nervousness.  He normally wears the hat backwards, and is his hunting hat to 'shoot people' but here he is wearing the hat the other way around like he is hiding.  This shows his innocence to awareness, although he is not yet aware of all things going on around him.  The action of him switching the direction of his hat shows his innocence because of his nervous habits and shows he is using the hat to hide.  He doesn't know what's going on and by using the hat he is, in a way, using the hat as his innocence of what's going on and to hid from his shyness.

Chapters 5& 6

It is a nocturnal Saturday when Holden goes out with Brossard and Ackley. By the time he gets back from them getting food, he is indulgent to Stradlater’s orders begins to write the composition for him. While trying to figure out what to write about he thinks back at the indelible times of his brother. After writing, he sits by the window where he ruminates and worries about Stradlater because of the person he is. By the time Stradlater gets inside, he begins to ask all the questions about Jane and begins to worry, but Stradlater won’t tell him because the information about his night is clandestine. Holden started become acrid with his tone and calling him a moron where Stradlater holds him down in a quell on the floor, and by the end of it, Holden has lost his second fight.

Chapters 7-13

Ch. 7- Is Holden's reason for leaving reasonable or is it just because he wasn't thinking?

Ch. 8-Does Ernest's mother actually believe what Holden is saying or does it show that she doesn't really know her own son?

Ch.9-Is Holden starting to become aware of what it is like to be on your own in New York or is he being naive?

Ch. 10-Does Holden pretending to act older that he is affect the way he will mature?

Ch. 11-Does Holden comparing Jane to all these other girls show he has had some kind of experience with more than one girl or is he just making it up?

Ch.12-Is there a reason why Holden always brings up the ducks and lagoon every time he is driving away?

Ch.13-Does Holden only not think when he's depressed or is it a bad habit to not think at all?

John Green on Catcher in the Rye

1: The idea of Holden becoming an adult is brought up and how he shouldn't be afraid to grow up. He takes the advice from all these strangers yet he can't apply it to himself.

2: Holden wants to stop time. John Green talks about how Holden wants to stop time so that the people around him don't have to move on. He tells us that Holden doesn't want to stay in the reality and just freeze time.

3: Holden becoming aware. Green mentions at first how Holden doesn't want to grow up and that shows his innocent side but as time passes he realizes that he can be happy, this being when he realizes that time passes.

Chs. 14-17

ch. 14 Are movies influencing Holden on how he should act around people? or is it giving him this false reality of what he could have

ch. 15 Does Holden being atheist affect the way he thinks?

ch. 16 Is Holden thinking about the museum want him to be like a kid again?

Ch. 17 Does Holden even know what love is?