Guru Ram Das

By Omar Rivera

Guru Ram Das was Born on September 24 on 1534 in Lahore, Pakistan. He was the first born. One day Jetha (Guru Ram Dad) found a party if Sikhs that where going on a trip to Goindwal to pay homage to Guru Amar Das so he went with them. When they finish, the party of Sikhs decided to return to Lahore, but He decided to stay and he became a disciple in Goindwal. Doring his time there his hard work and devotion won him the Guru Amar Das younger daughter Bibi Bhani. They went one and got married and had 3 boys which this names are the fallowing

Prithi Chand, Mahadev and Arjan Dev

Contribution to Sikhism:

Jetha Founded the city of Amritsar in 1574.

Also he Spread Sikhism in North India.

he Organized the structure of Sikh society.

Guru Ram Das also stressed the importance of kirtan which are hymn singing, which remains important to the part of Sikh worship.

He made The book Guru Granth, which includes 638 hymns

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