Singapore was founded in 1819, by a British colony. Originally, it was used for protecting the Britain merchant fleets, and reading goods. However, in 1963, Singapore joined the Malaysian federation. Only two years later it became its own country.


Schooling here in Singapore is really good, it was ranked top 3, & 1st in math and science among 142 countries. This is mainly because the Singaporean people believe that children hold the key to the future & of their families, from their education. Their schooling system is similar to ours, so they attend school for as long as we do. However they start on January 2nd, for four 10 week terms of school.  

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Singapore's economy is really good; for example, their unemployment rate is 1.80% out of 5.4  million people. Their imports mainly consist of machinery and equipment, mineral fuels, chemicals, food stuffs, and consumer goods. While their exports are machinery and equipment as well (including telecommunications & electronics) pharmaceuticals, refined petroleum products, food stuffs & beverages. Singapore's trade partners are China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, indoenasia, U.S., and Japan .



• They first made the Green Plan in Singapore in 1992,They plan on making this very successful, to start making more natural park and normal park.

•In 1984 there was a terrible health concern that came from an amount of pigs in a farm, they said that other pigs in other farms could get it and they said it was contagious so other animals or pigs could get it as well.

•they get the majority of their water from the Singapore River.

•NEA stands for National Environment Agency

• NEA was a big part of Singapore improvement, because they collaborated with each other in making The environment way more healthy.


•Singapore has a urban design that makes every structure different and beautiful.

Here are some beautiful landscapes


• Labrador Park

•Bukit Batok

•East Coast Park

•Pasir Ris

And many more


There is freedom of religion, the main religion is Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, & Taoism.


Food customs at ceremonial occasions special dishes are eaten during the major ceremonial occasions of all three ethnic groups; but are more connected to national traditions.  


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