Gupta Empire

India's Golden Age

The Gupta Empire began circa A.D. 300 and ended circa A.D. 600.  It followed the Maurya Empire and preceded the Delhi Sultanate. 

The Gupta Empire Was begun by Chadra Gupta, who was most likely named for the founder of the Mauryan Empire, Chadragupta Maurya.  The Gupta Empire encompassed most of India, and its rule was considered a golden age for India. 

The Gupta contributed greatly to the realm of modern mathematics.  Their greatest addition (Pun!) was the concept of the number zero.  Never before had anyone conceived of the idea to have a symbol to represent the abscence of anything.  This contribution allowed the Gupta to create the decimal system, which, combined with their numbers (What we call "Arabic" numerals) made them the leading mathematical experts of the time.

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