Forest #ecosys2

The forest has a lot of biotic and abiotic factors including rocks, animals, plants, water, and  so on.



carrying capacity in the forest

The forest has a lot of recorces that the animals and plants need to survive like water, food, shelter.




And there is prey and predators in the forest. there relationships will keep going on and on until something happends.



energy roles

the energy roles in the forest can also differ in many diffrent ways.

food chain and food webs

the food chain is a lot of animals going from producer to 1st level consumer and 2nd and so on.The food web has multipal prey and preditor in a comuity.

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2 years ago

@christophermahon I think you should go back to the instructions and read them again, starting at step 1. What kind of forest (there are many types)? Be more specific with biotic and abiotic factors-- "plants and animals" is WAY too general. What are the factors SPECIFIC to your ecosystem? What is a SPECIFIC predator/prey relationship? How do the number of these organisms (the population) change over time (carrying capacity)? What are limiting factors for this ecosystem? What are specific energy roles in your ecosystem-- what are some producers, consumers, and decomposers? Your Tackk is coming along, but you are missing a lot of important parts.