10 Interesting Sex Facts That Are Very Interesting in Their Own Ways

Sex is a very interesting subject. There is no getting away from this truth. However, there is more to sex than we know about, and sometimes what we don't know about it is interesting beyond words. So, with this said, bring on the interesting sex facts right here and now. Learning about sex is such fun, for true, holy cow!

Don't get all crazy!

A woman should always have a high-end vibrator at her sexual beck and call. This is because these precious vibrators do what a man cannot do for her. The vibrator was originally in the invented in the 19th century to lessen the presence of hysteria. However, when you imagine a woman without her vibrator, which is indeed a thought that would induce hysteria quickly.

Swarms of swimmers

A healthy man that is in touch with his semen does tend to produce about 300 million sperm in just one teaspoon of his sperm. These swarms of swimmers all compete when it comes to getting into the vagina, but in actuality, all it takes is just one special one to fertilize an egg and make a baby.

Like it

Forget about cuddling after sex. According to the results of a poll that was posted by Retrevo.com, which is a consumer electronics website, there is about 36% of people under the age of 35 who do check their Twitter and Facebook accounts after having sex. The hope is that they aren't posting any photos of their love triumphs online. No one will like that.

Get some!

According to Men's Fitness, one would tend to think more men do get laid than women, but the truth is this. 17% more women do have sex on the average than do men. Therefore, women do get some, and this some is more than some men out there. Go ladies!

Make it last

Women do tend to make their orgasms happen a lot longer in time length than men. They have an orgasm that does last 20 seconds in length, something, which does beat the male's record of only a meager 6 seconds. Therefore, even in the climax department, women are still tops!

Orgasms are good for you

Orgasms are good for both men and women. They are the sweet stuff that sex and life is made of on the average. They can lower a woman's chances of getting breast cancer. For men, they can reduce cancer and stroke chances. They even lessen the chances of depression for both sexes. So, with this said, do have some orgasms and get happy like now okay!

Get hot

Men and women do get equally hot when it comes to sexual stimulus. This sexual stimulus can be all about viewing nude female and male bodies. Animal sex is also a big arousal for both too. This information is something that comes straight from a study that was conducted by Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

Use your brain

The researchers at Rutgers University did determine that by using fMRI scanners they were able to determine what does happen in the human brain when someone is aroused. They found out that a different region of the brain does become activated in response to stimulation of sexual body parts. Some of these sexual body parts do include the vagina, the penis, the clitoris, nipples of the breasts, amid others.

Love your body

According to a small study that was conducted by Live Science, it is vital for people to love their bodies. This is because if they do love their bodies. They will be making themselves open to some great sex. So, with this said, do make sure to love your body in every way. Loving your body gives you lots of confidence and this confidence does shine through whenever having sex.

Take a load off!

Brain mush is something that we all do subject ourselves to whenever we have sex. Therefore, do let your brain go, when you do decide to have some wonderful sex, and watch your brain go to pieces literally by the total pleasure that your body is experiencing during that moment. Brain mush is good for all!


It is indeed interesting to learn new and interesting things about sex. The things that we don't know are the things we should know. This is because sex can be the variety of life. These interesting sex facts are far more than just interesting. They can teach us new things not just about sex, but also, about ourselves as sexually functioning human beings in the world.

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