1/28/15 My feelings Survey

The 3 ideas I agree with are family, following the law, and being punished for breaking the law. I chose being loyal to your family is important because they care for you, and love you. Being loyal to your family is like being loyal to your friends and others you care for. I can say I'm a loyal person because I care for my family and others I don't even know. Family is like everthing blood is thicker then water. People that don't have familys can treat others like family and pretend that their blood.

I chose following the law as my second choice because that's like the best thing you can do. Following the law is a better chance of being safe because it's important for your environment and things you wish to do but can't becuase its for the better. And I truly think following the law will make us live longer.

My last choice is being punished for breaking the law. I think you should be punished for breaking the law becuase you did wrong and you weren't following the rules you disrespected the law and failed everyone! Do what's best for the law always follow it never break it. I think you should get sentenced a couple years just for breaking a little law just so you can follow it the next time you want to break it.  

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