1. Everyone should follow the law because if they don't they will get punished. It better to follow the law so nothing else won't be hard. I guess some people don't like the rule but still they have to follow the law. I don't even care about the law as long as I live then it okay but if the law rule it to difficult and hard then I will hate the  rule but still I have to follow the law because I'm not a goverment. A lot of people come from other country and they should follow the law and if they don't then maybe the goverment will sent them back in they own country. It better to follow the law.

2. People should be punished for breaking the law and yes, they should punished because if the person shot the other person and the government let him/her go for free and then the hurt person will get mad and that not fair. They should punished the one that break the law and people kill other person without no reason then the government should let them go to the jail. I guess a lot of people don't follow the rule  and do whatever they want but the government won't know because there is more then a thousand people in American.

3. Laws of god are more important than law made by goverment. If the goverment change the law to God law then that will be different but it better to follow God rule but some of the people don't know God. The goverment and god law are not the same but God rule are much better. Everybody should follow god rule because it true.

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3 years ago

Htoo, I understand your ideas but you need to make sure that you have specific examples to support them. Good job in the overall writing with capitalization and punctuation; read your work out loud to catch missing words.