Dominican Republic

Your Basic Info:

- 10.4 million people compared to Florida who has 19.89 million people

- 10.4 million. Capital City is Santo Domingo. Other large cities include Santiago, La Romana, and San Pedro de Macoris.

- 73% mixed, 16% white, 11% black

- Representative Democracy, like the U.S. They are friendly to U.S. and it is safe to travel there.

- Their borders are by the Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea. They have significant rivers including the Jimani River and Rio Yaque del Norte.

- Found in Feb. 27, 1844. It was found by Columbus.


- Santo Domingo: oldest city in the New World, has a rich history and culture.

- Eastern National Park: Habitat of plants and animals, especially birds. There is Columbian art in some caves there, and you can relax on the beach as well.

- Punta Cana: Most popular tourist area. It is full of beaches and golf resorts.

- Playa Dorada: Most popular beach in the Dominican.

- La Romana: Best place to shop for crafts on the island.

- Jarabacoa: Place full of rivers, and beautiful waterfalls.

- Basilica of Our Lady: Most modern religious architecture.


Visiting Dominican Republic:

- Airfare cost this summer would be just under $700.

- The best time to travel to the Dominican is sometime between March and May.

- You can stay at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel and Casino for $85.

- When you're in the country, you can travel by mass transit, buses, and public cars

- A nice restaurant to eat at would be Pura Tasca. It would cost between 495-595 Dominican pesos. (11-14 U.S. dollars)

- You can go to many of the attractions for free since they are parks, but the resorts can cost anywhere from $123-145 per night.

- To travel to the Dominican Republic you need a passport, most people need a visa, and possibly a tourist card.

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