By: Skylar Batman and Bobby Raines


Tobacco is a plant that is usually grown in the United States. Mainly in Kentucky and Tennessee. The tobacco comes from a plant leaf (tobacco plant) that has been dried out.

Tobacco can be smoked or “chewed”. It’s most often referred to as having a cigarette, dip or chewing. But they are all basically the same things. Though they all have different effects, but all hurt you in some way shape or form.

Tobacco in itself is not illegal as long as you are of age. By law the person in possession of the tobacco has to be 18 years of age or older. If someone is caught with it and they are under the age of 18 it then becomes illegal.

Consuming tobacco can hurt you in many different ways. It just all depends on how you consume it. Smokeless tobacco mainly hurts your mouth, but smoking tobacco can affect your whole respiratory system plus your mouth.

A picture of what someone looks like on this drug

Affects from tobacco

Bad Breath:

Teeth discoloration

Having your body look older than you really are

Extremely high chance gum cancer

High risk of lung cancer (smoking tobacco)

All kinds effect your mouth because it’s a way of getting into your body and having the affect and sensation It’s meant to have. The smoking type of tobacco affects your lungs and respiratory system.

Reactions statements

Bobby: From this project, I learned that It’s bad to smoke or dip. It can hurt you in the long run, and it’s addicting. You can get cancer from tobacco, like gum cancer.

Skylar: I learned that by smoking tobacco, or even chewing it, can cause harm to you. It can affect your lungs and respiratory system. Smoking tobacco can make you look older than you really are. Plus bad habits. For example, once you start smoking or dipping, it’s difficult to stop.

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