Act 3, Lady Capulet, Jennifer Lee, period 3

Act 3, Lady Capulet, Jennifer Lee, period 3. I still can’t believe what happened. There are so many things happening now, and I have lots of things to talk about. The first bad news is that our superb fighter Tybalt died while he was fighting with Romeo! I’m so sad that I can’t stop crying now. Mercurtio is also dead, but who cares. He is not one of my family. That evil Romeo killed my family Tybalt. Juliet is also crying, but I wonder who she is crying for. Romeo or Tybalt. I think she is crying for Romeo because Romeo is banished from our country. Second bad news is Juliet met with Romeo secretly with nurse and Friar Lawrence’s help. I think they met because Romeo is not allowed to live in our town anymore, and I hope that it is the last time for them to meet together. One good thing that happened today was that Paris and Juliet is going to have a marriage on Thursday morning in St. Peter’s Church. Lord Capulet, my husband, and I have met Paris today and talked about the marriage between him and my daughter Juliet. However, this also turned out so bad. Juliet told me that she would marry Romeo if she is having a marriage with Paris. What an insult to Paris?! How can Romeo compared with Paris? Paris is the most suitable husband for Juliet. My husband is over-steamed now because of Juliet. I also don’t know how to handler her.

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2 years ago

@danielseo You trouble maker. I won't forgive you for killing my cousin Tybalt. Don't appear in front of me because I don't know what I can do to you. 😡 😡 😡 😡