Have you ever wondered what japan was really like? Japan was full of great arts including, fashion and modern day fashion, literature, visual arts,architecture, and performing arts.

The nobles of japan loved beauty, and it began with their own appearances. They had magnificent wardrobes full of silk robes, and gold jewelry. The nobles loved elaborate outfits, and they carried delicate fans. The fans they had, had intricate flowers and designs.

Japanese modern day fashion is full of new ideas. Some new ideas of modern day street fashion includes Cosplay.  Ideas come from anime, fantasy movies, manga, and video games. Another form of Japanese street art is called Lolita. This comes from children's ideas. Ideas from loloia has been related to punk and gothic ideas.

Literature was also popular in japan. Japanese nobles took great care with how they spoke and wrote,in addition to how they looked. Writing was popular among nobles and especially to women.women chose their words carefully to ensure their writing was beautiful.lady Murasaki Shikibu was one of the greatest writers in Japanese history. She wrote the tale of Genji around 1000.

Japanese nobles also valued the visual arts. The most popular art forms of the period inluuded paintings, calligraphy, and architecture. The nobles liked in bright and bold colors in their paintings. A lot of their paintings illustrated stories. Architecture is a big part in Japan. The nobles of Heian greatly admired Chinese architecture and the Heian modeled after the Chinese. Buildings were made of wood with tiled roofs.

Performing arts were traced from back then to performing arts we have today. People gathered to watch performances. Buddhism changes and it became an art form. Another firm if Buddhism was called zen and is was oretty popular as well.

Japanese was full of inventions and ideas and it was also full of fashion, that is still around today. All of these things are what made Japan into the civilization it is today.

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