by Shaylee Casahuaman

Some people sail their boats far out into the ocean to see the big whales swimming around. There are about 75 different whales in the world and they come in different sizes and shapes.  

                    Groups of whales

Whales can be  divided  into two groups called toothed whales and baleen whales. Toothed whales are smaller than baleen whales and have teeth to eat small fish. Dolphins belong to the toothed whales. Baleen whales use a filtering system to eat plankton.

                      Whales hunting

For many, many years people have been hunting whales for their blubber, bones and meat.   Japan, Norway, Iceland still hunt whales. Between them, they kill 2000 whales each year.     

                 Mammals of the sea
Even though whales live  in the oceans, they are not fish.  Whales are mammals because their body temperature does not change.  They have hair, and they give birth to live young.

                    whales size
The blue whale is the biggest whale of all at 98 feet tall that is the same as 30 meters. The humpback whale is 56 feet tall that is 17 meters. The bowhead whale is 65 feet tall that is 19.8 meters. The smallest whale is the sperm dwarf whale and it measures 8.5 feet that is 2.6 meters.

I hope you learned some cool facts about whales like that the blue whale is the biggest at  98 feet tall. The blue whale is the biggest animal on earth.  Learning about whales is interesting.

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