Chapter 4, Unit 2 Project

Brianna Gantt, 3rd Period

Activity One

The table below shows song bites from 4 different songs to be used for the 5-minute mashup. First, graph the beats per minute (BPM) as a function of time. Then find the piecewise function for the graph.

Activity Two

Determine the tempo for 0 < x < 3 by finding the average BPM for all sound bites.What is the average? Round your answer to the nearest whole number.

Answer: 122, 0 < x < 3

Graph the finished mashup.

Write a function that represents the graph.

What are the BPM when the song reaches 3.5 minutes? 4 minutes? 5 minutes?

Answer: 3.5 minutes = 123 BPM, 4 minutes = 126 BPM, 5 minutes = 146 BPM

Activity Three


Careless Whisper by Seether: 134 BPM

Right Here by Staind: 112 BPM

Never Too Late by Three Days Grace: 150 BPM

Angel by Theory of a Deadman: 152 BPM

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