Decision Making

~Scenario 2~
Marie is in the eighth grade at East Middle School. She earns above average grades in all of her school courses except science. Her favorite after-school activity is playing basketball. She would like to play basketball in high school next year. However, the high school says that athletes must pass all their classes in order to participate in a sport. This summer Marie can participate in  a special summer science school that will help her in science. She also has been given the chance to go to basketball camp. The basketball camp takes place the exact same time as the science school. Marie has two weeks before she either has to sign up for basketball camp or summer science school. What should she do?

- go to science school and get better grades so she may participate in varsity basketball.
- go to basketball camp and ignore her grades

- if she takes the first option she will get to get a better grade in science and will be able to play basketball on the high school team
- if she takes the second option she gets to play basketball in the summer and not on the high school team

- Do I want a better grade in science and to play for high school?
- Do I want a bad grade in science and to play at summer camp?

Marie should go to science school camp to better her grade then she can play basketball with the high school team.

That's the right decision because she's getting good academics and she's getting to play for the team she wants to play for.

~Scenario 4~
You are an eighth grade student. Since the seventh grade you've been on the Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad. You recently tried out for the Varsity team next year. You were notified that you made the team. The cheerleading sponsor informs you that you can no longer be in band if you are cheering on Varsity football nights, since the band marches during half time at the football games. You have been in band since fifth grade and have really enjoyed being in the band and going on band trips. Next year the band is going to Disney World. What do you do?

- you can quit the cheer team and just be in the band and go to Disney World
you can quit doing what you love (the band) and just cheer.

- if you choose the first one, you could be slightly more popular and you'd get to cheer
- if you choose the second one you'll be doing what you love and you'll be going to Disney World

- do I want to give up what I love for minor popularity and not as much fun.
- Do I care that much about popularity or do I want to do what I love and continue playing with the band?

You should continue to play in the band. The band could get you a scholarship into a school. The band seems to be more fun to you than cheering. You get to go to Disney World and have fun.

this was the correct decision because she should do what she loves. and obviously that is playing in the band.

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