Uffizi Gallery

By: Jenna Phelan and Audrey Mcbride

The Uffizi Gallery is an art museum in Florence. We are visiting the Uffizi gallery on our second full day of  Florence. It has an admission cost, but thanks to the Firenze card, we will get in for free! The Uffizi gallery is a very popular art museum to visit, probably the most known in Florence! We want to visit this place to see some of the great works of art in Florence, and to see some medieval culture! Google gives the Uffizi Gallery 4.6 stars, so we know that it should be a great place to visit!

Fun Facts about the Uffizi Gallery:

  • As well as famous, it is one of the oldest art museums in Florence.
  • It is ranked the 25th best museum in the world.
  • The construction of the Uffizi Gallery was started in 1560 by Giorgio Vasari,  and finished in 1581 by Alfonso Parigi and Bernardo Buontalenti.


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