Introducing myself

My name's Sergio Iván and my lastname is Franco, I'm student. I'm 18 years old, I live in Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas, México. My phone number is 8342105451. I live with my parents: Sergio, he has 45 years old, and Leonor, she has 4o years old, and my two sisters: Daniela and Valeria, they are 24 and 20 years old. I'm single. My hobbies are listening to music especially Rap and play fut ball soccer in the streeth. I want to learn English to go to United States to work.

  • 1.- I can speak spanish                               1.- I can't cook
  • 2.- I can run                                                 2.- I can't dance
  • 3.- I can see                                                  3.- I can't fly
  • 4.- I can write                                               4.- I can't drive
  • 5.- I can use a cellphone                             5.- I can't swim  

                              Past                                                     Present

1.- I could run more                                                  1.- I can run

2.- I couldn't cook                                                     2.- I can't sing

3.- I could sleep more                                              3.- I can use a cellphone

4.- I could fly                                                             4.- I can dream

1.- I was in my house                                               1.- I am a student

2.- They were at school                                           2.- I am a person

3.- She wasn't in my classroom                             3.- She is a good person

4.- We weren't in the hotel                                     4.- They are a cholos

Torre mayor is a skycraper in the México city.

Builded for the canadian Paul Reichman. It addres is numer 505 in avenue Paseo de la Reforma, close of the Bosque de chapultepec. Height is 225 meters, 55 floor, 4 levels of parking under and 9 on the street. The build have 29 elevators, 2 emergency stails and mechanical systems.

Was build in 1997 but was inaugurated in 2002, is te one of three skycraper more resistant of the word. The building is in an area of high seismic risk, Torre mayor is the tower more solid and resistant of word.

My house

I live in a old house in cd. Victoria. It's regular but it's a good home. There is a small living room, a kitchen, three bedrooms. The living room has four little windows and three comfortables sofas in front of it's. There isn't a backyard but I play in the street, so in the summer I play fut ball soccer with my friends.

I live with my family and pets, a dog named ronny and three cats, but a cate gave birt six little cats. Do you want one?

I love my house for many reasons: no ghots and because is my first home