1st and Goal!


                                                      Where do you post a photo?

You can post a picture by simply pressing the button that looks like a camera.

                                               How do you comment on someones photo?

You can comment on someone's photo by going onto that persons photo and clicking on the button that says comment. The comment will appear when you click the button send or click enter.

                                                               How can you login?

You can login by going onto the website page and clicking the button in the top left corner that says login.

                                                        Who can view my posts?

                              Can I follow any other blogs or obtain other followers?

You can choose who looks at your posts or profile. You can lock people out so only the people who are following you can look at your posts.

Yes you can follow other blogs by clicking on their profile and clicking the button "follow".  You can click on your own profile to see how many followers you have.

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