Introduction (Entry #1)

This is where I will type my information about my project.

Would I like to do this for a Career?

No, probably not. I already have my heart set on a career.

Why did I choose this project?

I wanted to explore and create a experience in Virtual Reality.

What do I want to learn/investigate?

To investigate how it is programmed and how Google Cardboard works.

What did I choose?

Google Cardboard VR (Virtual Reality)

Intro Research (Planning) (Entry #2)

What did I do to plan/learn about my project?

I looked at the model of Google Cardboard that is used to see Virtual Reality. Also, I tested it out by attaching a phone into the Cardboard box and explored the Virtual Reality.

Further Introduction Research (Entry #3)

What did I do to further investigate my project?

I watched videos explaining how Google Cardboard works and how Google Cardboard was made.

Questions Answered (Entry #4)

Can you make your own google cardboard or can you get a kit?

Yes, you can make your own google cardboard and you can also buy a kit. The choice is up to you if you want to make your own or just buy a kit online

Research (Entry #5-6)

What is virtual reality and how does it work?

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment.

Today, I used the Google Cardboard goggles. I experienced how to move in the virtual reality game apps. You have to move in different ways, like up and down to move through the program.

Special or Technical Terms (Entry #7-8)

What is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard is simply a design that utilizes cardboard and a pair of 40mm focal distance lenses to turn your smartphone into a virtual reality headset.

NEW Questions and Information! (Entry #8)

Why do you have to change the image?

How can you program your own game in Unity?

What devices does this work on?

How do you get programs for using it?

Technical Parts of my project
(Entry #9)

The magnet works by that it slides in it's groove, then automatically slips back into place because of another magnet on the opposite side. Your phone is able to sense the magnet's movement using its own magnetic sensor, allowing it to act as a ridiculously clever little button.  

Devices google cardboard works with is that depends if you check to see if your smartphone is compatible on Google's Cardboard list. To use Google Cardboard, you need to make sure you have removed the case if you have a phone case on your phone. Also, you have to download Mobile Virtual Reality apps, and then slide your phone in the Google Cardboard.  

How to program your own game
(Entry #10)

The system Unity has to be downloaded to program a game for Google Cardboard.

What is the Oculus Rift?

The Oculus Rift is a hardware accessory that allows people to experience "virtual" reality. The hardware consists of a headset and earphones.

How do you program your own game?

To program a game it requires: Android Studio 1.0 , Version 19 of the Android SDK, A physical Android device running Android 16. You need to Download the sample code, and Build the demo app.

Questions, Questions! (Entry #11)

How is the Google Cardboard different than the Oculus Rift?

Google Cardboard is different Oculus Rift because Google Cardboard doesn't have wires, so you can take it anywhere. You have 360 degrees head-tracking without the use of a camera. It has huge potential for content (games and programs) because it uses a platform (Android) that millions of people already use. Also, Google Cardboard can be used for AR games and apps.  

But, the biggest comparision between the two is that of the processing (both processor and GPU) power of a desktop vs. a phone.

Just a few more Questions left? (Entry #12)

Why do you have to change the image of Google Cardboard?

Regardless of the size, shape, or material of your VR viewer, make sure it provides a great experience. Use the Viewer Profile Generator to define your device's key parameters. Add the QR code to your viewer so every Cardboard app will automatically adapt to your viewer.

Couple more to go? (Entry #13)

Today, I'm on the verge of designing my own game for Unity from scratch. There are some guidelines to follow.

You have to avoid simulator sickness, and you need to learn about establishing familiarity.  

Almost there!!? (Entry #14)

Second part of designing your own game is set up. You need to learn how to enter and exit VR. Get used to the headset. How to do full screen mode. Also, you need to learn indicating VR apps.

Google cardboard kit

Programming own game (Entry #15)

To program your own game, you have to download Google Cardboard SDK for Unity. You also have to download Unity. You need to play/ create the demo app, Treasure Hunt.  Go to the Google Cardboard website for more information.

Finishing up soon (Entry #16)

The Google IO/  2015 keynote conference video talked about how you can pay with Android phone at locations with the Android Pay System. Also, they talked about how they would like to make sure everyone in the world has a phone and can use Google.

Did it work? (Entry #17-ish)

I was able to get my Google Cardboard to work like I thought it would work because each day kept finding more and more information about Google Cardboard's design, why the Google team made it,  found out how to program your own game, and etc.....

I had to change my design because the image had to be adjusted so when people used the Google Cardboard kit they could move easily through the virtual reality. I had to learn how to move in different motions to see/ move in the virtual reality.  

My Reflection (Entry #18)

My project turned out to be better than I thought. I learned how to program my own game in Unity, how to move in Virtual Reality (VR), and why you have to change the image of the VR pictures. My project did make me want to pursue Google Cardboard more as a Hobby because there is still a lot of information to learn about and discover.

NO!!! I don't wish I did another project because I really enjoyed Google Cardboard, and sometimes, some of my classmates would say, "I wish I did Google Cardboard instead of my project.

Classmates would ask if they could try to look at the Virtual Reality because they thought Google Cardboard was interesting to look at and experience what's not a reality.             

I am glad I chose to do my 20% project on Google Cardboard because now that I experienced Virtual Reality, I can never go back.                                    

Virtual Reality Headset

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