Dominican Republic

By: Shaylynn Stigger

About the Dominican Republic

*The population of the Dominican Republic is 10.4 million people (2013)

*The official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish but they also speak French, English, Japanese, Arabic, and Chinese.

*The official religion of the country is Roman Catholicism.

*The Dominican Republic is a representative democracy. The U.S and the Dominicans relations are excellent. It is safe for us to travel there and for them to travel here.

*There are 4 significant mountain ranges, beaches, and the shores are washed by the Atlantic ocean.

*They claimed independence in July of 1924. Christopher Columbus landed on the island which became the first permanent European settlement in the Americans

Attractions throughout the country

Top 8 attractions in the Dominican Republic:

1. Santo Domingo- A historic site that shows the history of the country

2. Eastern National Park- A prime habitat for plants and animals

3. Punta Cana- A town which is the most popular tourist spot. It is packet with resorts and known for the most beautiful beaches  

4. Playa Dorada- Most popular beach

5. La Romana- A village that has the best shops and crafts

6. Samana Peninsula & Samana Bay- Has marine animals

7. Jarabacoa- Waterfall

8. Bahia de Las Aguilas and Jaragua National Park- Beach

*Most of the scenery is mountains and historic places

*Historic spots are: museums and Museo De Las Casas Reales.

*Food: Many Middle-Eastern dishes have been adopted into Dominican cuisine, such as the "Quipe" that comes from the Lebanese kibbeh. Places to go are: las palmas and Vacabar

What it Takes to Get There (punta cana)

*Airfare this summer: would cost about $760

*Best time to travel: March to may0 when the "rush" is out of the city

*Best places to stay: resorts

*Living expenses are cheaper than the U.S

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